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E-philanthrophy Sponsoring Information

You Can Help E-philanthrophy Find Sponsors The more sponsors E-philanthrophy has, the more money there will be to give to the non-profit and charitable organizations. You may be able to help us find more sponsors. I will provide you with the facts of sponsorship below. You can simply print out this page and take it to the appropriate people at your company to see if they are interested. I are especially looking for established companies who are willing to sponsor for 10 days or more.

The cost: It's a scale (below) base on the sponsors choice. The choices range from 0.1 cents - 0.9 cents

0.1 cents [Examples 10,000 donations x 0.1 cents = $10]

0.2 cents [Example 10,000 donations x 0.2 cents = $20]

0.3 cents [Example 10,000 donations x 0.3 cents = $30]

0.4 cents [Example 10,000 donations x 0.4 cents = $40]

0.5 cents [Example 10,000 donations x 0.5 cents = $50]

0.6 cents [Example 10,000 donations x 0.6 cents = $60]

0.7 cents [Example 10,000 donations x 0.7 cents = $70]

0.8 cents [Example 10,000 donations x 0.8 cents = $80]

0.9 cents [Example 10,000 donations x 0.9 cents = $90]

Because I don't want this to be a "here-today-gone-today" web site I created this affordable sliding donation scale to hopefully get potential sponsors involved with this site.

The way your final totals are figured out is like this: At the end of your sponsorship period I go to Orbit Cycle ( and retrive the hit totals for that period. Once the numbers are retrived and added up the sponsor bill is then made out and sent.

Sponsors are sent a billing statement showing the total donations for the days that they have sponsored. They write a check for 100% of the amount due directly to the choosen charity. A duplicate copy of each billing statement is sent to the cchoosen charity.

I am looking for companies who are willing and financially able to sponsor E-philanthrophy for 10 days or more, but will accept sponsorship for shorter periods. I encourage these companies to try a one day test sponsorship to see how cost-effective it can be for them.

All I need to set you up as a sponsor is your banner advertisement and the URL you want it to link to, usually your home page. Banner advertisements should be at least 120 x 60 pixels and no bigger than 468x60 pixels. If your company is interested in sponsoring E-philanthrophy please have them contact me at Thank you for your continued support and for whatever you can do to help me find sponsors. I appreciate your help. Back to the FAQ's.